Your Rat Infestation Could Be Coming From Your Sewer

It’s easier to think that a rat problem is only something that happens within metro areas but unfortunately that’s not the case. Rats can take up residence anywhere, even in out of city drain systems. That means that rats can live within the piping of your residential sewer system; giving them access to your home. Drain pipes offer rats everything they need to survive: protection, warmth, food remnants and even unsanitary materials. They are strong swimmers and only need a small hole to access what they’re after. If your sewer/draining system has cracks or holes in the piping, rats can easily find their way in. It’s actually believed that most rat infestations start through defective piping systems.


1. Signs You Have Rats In Your Sewers

If you have rats in your sewer system they are most likely Norway rats. These rats are excellent swimmers, using their legs as paddles and their long tails as rudders. This enables them to not only swim but swim with endurance. Some rat species are even known to tread water for up to three days and hold their breath as long as three minutes. Regardless of whether or not you have marathon rats on your hands, any kind of rat in your sewer system is a problem. From the sewer, these rats can find their way into your draining system and eventually into your home.

If you suspect rats in your drain pipes you will want to deal with them immediately. If you know anything about rodents, you know that they multiple. Rat infestations come on quickly, so the longer you wait, the worse it will be. Some of the signs that rats have invaded your drainage system are blocked piping, consistent creaking noises coming from your pipes and water flowing slower than usual. Though these signs are common with other problems in your drains, they are worth investigating. Checking your pipes for cracks, bends or anything out of shape is a starting point to see where the rats may be getting in. Looking around stonework and gutters that are close to drain pipes is another area to investigate. Listen for scraping sounds or what sounds like something running in your piping. If you still can’t assess an access point then you will want to call for an inspection. Doing this will give you an idea of what problems you are facing and an exact idea of what may be happening underneath your home.


2. Sewer Rat Prevention

Once you have confirmed that you have rats in your sewer system or drainage pipes, you’ll want to take preventative measures to ensure they no longer have access. Repairing any cracks or holes in your piping is the first step in preventing a rat infestation in your home. Small holes can typically be patched with copper wool which makes it difficult for rats to chew through. Installing a rat flap which is a gate like structure, also helps by creating a barrier to entry points into your home.

As with any rodent infestation, rats like to live near places that provide them with the sources they need to survive. Keeping food in sealed storage containers including pet food or bird feed, removing unnecessary storage so places like garages and sheds are tidy, specifically not putting anything down your drains that shouldn’t be there like large pieces of food in your garbage disposal or sanitary napkins in your toilet, will all help to keep these nasty rodents at bay. Making sure that sewers and drains are regularly maintained is important as well. Cutting back plants and vegetation is another preventative measure as these provide hiding places and access points to your home.


3. Your Best Piece of Advice If You Have Rats in Your Sewer

Your best piece of advice is to call your local pest control business as they will have all the knowledge and tools needed to take care of your problem. Even if you locate the rats and their possible entry points, getting rid of them is not as easy as you may think. Remember, rodents multiple and that means they are living in large numbers, which also means they are taking up lots of space in the area they are living. You may see one or two, but you will not see all of them. Get Smart Rat Solutions specializes in getting rid of your rat infestation and ensuring they don’t come back! All of them.

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