Winter Pest Issues In The Pacific Northwest

What are the Winter Pest Issues In The Pacific Northwest?

It’s no question that the Pacific Northwest is experiencing warmer temps this season. Because of heat waves and heavy rainfall, pests are expected to be a greater issue this fall and winter. Specifically in the Pacific Northwest, rodents! This means if they have access to your home or business, they are likely to find shelter there and hang out the seasons. Here is what winter pest issues in the Pacific Northwest can look like and how to prevent them.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are now seeking the indoors in search of water and shelter. The dryer conditions are causing them to look for water in areas where they would normally find it outside, like rain puddles and drain run offs. Heavier rain falls may come but they haven’t been enough to keep a flowing water source in areas these winter pests are used to. When the temperatures fall, these rodents will look for cover. Anything they can squeeze through is a probable rodent habitat. Rats and mice are highly adaptable and function off a survival instinct. Food, water and shelter are always their top priorities and they will do whatever they have to in order to get them.

How To Prevent Them From Getting Inside

Now is the time where you will want to start surveying your property for possible rodent entry points into your home and ensuring that debris and foliage from the autumn season is cleared before it rots and decays. Rats and mice will use whatever is available to make a shelter that offers them protection from the elements and predators. They also make fine use of debris for nesting materials when needed.

Once the exterior of your home is cleaned up and cleared away a few feet from the foundation you will want to start looking for possible entry points. Anything these winter pests can squeeze through is a possible entry point and by anything means you’re looking for holes the size of a quarter. Filling in quarter size holes around the properties foundation, making sure all vents are still secured with strong wired grating, cutting back all tree branches and larger bushes away from the exterior of the home and even making sure there are no holes dug down close to the homes foundation are preventive measures to keep these pests out. 

What To Look For In Case They’re Already Inside

The most common signs of these winter pests are their droppings, which you will find along baseboards, cupboard spaces and any runway area that they can scamper along. Rats and mice follow the same routes, so once those are established they will keep coming and going along those tracks which is why droppings, urine and even grease marks from their fur are found.

These winter pests like to stay hidden so look for areas like pantries, the backside of cupboards and closet spaces where it’s dark and people don’t always frequent. Having your crawl space looked at is another place where these pests can be found. Nesting under your home within the insulation and even the ducts of your home are common ground for these pests. Odd, unfamiliar and pungent smells are a sign that these rodents are living within your home and most likely breeding.

The winter season is always a time to draw in from the cold outdoors and bunker down where it’s warm. These winter pests are no different when it comes to staying fed and cozy during these colder months. Ensuring that your home or business is protected from having these pest issues is a top priority this season, before the cold really hits. Winter pest issues in the Pacific Northwest are a real thing, so make sure your home is secure.

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