What Effect Will Covid-19 Have On Rodents?

Have you been noticing more rats or mice in your neighborhood? Possibly even running around in the streets? Well, don’t be surprised if you start to see more than usual. According to recent articles, rats are coming out of hiding and they will not just be seen at night.

Rodents Coming Out Of Hiding

Some believe there will be a ripple effect, due to Covid-19, that will cause abnormal activities in the rodent world. With less people out on the streets there seems to be less trash and food being dumped. One common source of food for rodents is scraps that come from the restaurants but with these shut down or limiting their productions, scraps are becoming harder and harder to come by. Though most of us would find less trash and waste on the streets to be a good thing, rats will feel otherwise. Their normal supply of food has drastically reduced causing them to come out of hiding and into the daylight. Yes, we said daylight. Rats are typically nocturnal but when they are desperate for food and water they will do anything to find those sources. Because of this, it’s expected that the Covid-19 pandemic is going to trigger abnormal rodent activity that some of us may want to have the heads up on before coming across a surge of sightings.

Where Will Rodents Go For Food

This will be hard to believe but rats will actually eat one another. When circumstances cause them to starve, their first method of finding a food source will be to go into a panic frenzy, anxiously looking for food and coming into broad daylight if needed to find it. When they get to the point where their hunger can’t be satisfied, they will turn on each other as a food source. It’s a grotesque but needed survival mode in the rodent world. For those that choose flight over fight when food sources are bare, rats will begin coming into neighborhoods and looking for food sources through trash bins and eventually, peoples homes.

What You Can Do To Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home Or Surroundings

If you’re concerned about rodents visiting your home or surroundings now would be a good time to take a look at any possible reasons why they may want to take up residence. Going around your home and making sure that all trash cans and bins that store food are sealed and put away is a good start. Follow this up by walking around the perimeter of your home checking for any possible entry points near the base as well as the roof of your structure. Rats can squeeze through small spaces, so to be better safe than sorry, any crack or space should be sealed and fixed. Checking the fittings around door frames and any eroding structural points around your home is also necessary.

Now that we are aware of the effect Covid-19 can have on rodents, you can begin taking precautionary measures. If your home, office or building is close to the city then you are likely at higher risk of invasion. Taking these preventative measures will help ensure that you don’t have a rodent problem on your hands. If you do not own the dwelling that you reside or work in, speaking with your landlord is a good idea. Any potential rodent problems should then be addressed with a professional who can help eliminate and or prevent any of your rat or mice issues before they get out of hand.

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