What Are The Rules For Raising Livestock In Portland, Oregon

Permits may not be required for raising livestock in Portland, Oregon but there are regulations that have to be followed when it comes to small and large livestock in the city and outside. 

Which Livestock Is Allowed Within City Limits

Bees – On a lot less than 10,000 square feet you can have up to four hives and lots that are more than 10,000 square feet you can have up to six hives within the city limits. Beekeepers must notify any neighbor within 150 sq. feet of their home before they install hives. 

Chickens Or Domestic Fowl – For lots under 10,000 sq. feet homeowners can have up to four chickens, ducks, pigeons and/or other like sized domestic fowl. For lots over 10,000 sq. feet there can be up to six small domestic fowl. For domestic fowl under twelve weeks of age homeowners can have up to four in addition to the numbers above. 

Miniature Pigs – Miniature pigs are often referred to as miniature Vietnamese, Chinese or Asian potbelly pigs. Homeowners can have up to two miniature pigs that are no greater than 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh no more than 150 pounds. 

Rabbits –  There can be up to four rabbits on any lot but on lots greater than 10,000 sq. feet there can be up to six. Rabbits under 12 weeks of age that are offspring of a resident female rabbit do not have to be counted in with these numbers. 

Miniature Goats And Sheep – For lots over 10,000 sq. feet homeowners can have up to five miniature goats. For lots under 10,000 sq. feet homeowners can have up to three miniature goats/sheep. Offspring that are still nursing can be kept until they are weaned but cannot exceed 12 weeks of birth. 

Large Livestock – Large livestock can only be on lots 20,000 sq. feet or larger and must be for agricultural uses which are detailed in Title 33 zoning or approved conditional use. On lots 20,000 sq. feet or greater, there can be two standard goats, sheep or miniature horses and one horse, cow or llama. 

Are There Rules For How To House Livestock

There are rules for how you house your livestock. Overall, the health and well-being of all animals must not be endangered by any manner of confinement. They must have a constant supply of water and food, be cared for when sick, and given special attention to those animals with hoofs. The housing must be in good shape, adequately ventilated, sanitary and allow for routine cleaning maintenance. All feed and animal supplements must be stored in sealed containers so they are not vulnerable to rodents or other animals. 

Raising livestock is a lot of work as they each have specific needs. Understanding the needs of each animal as well as the rules in raising them within the city or Portland, Oregon will enable you to take the best care of your livestock as well as stay within the regulations. Keep in mind that rules and regulations are in the best interest of the animals and neighbors to prevent livestock from becoming a nuisance to them. Interested in learning the rules for Vancouver WA, read our post on the rules for raising livestock in Vancouver Washington

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