Rat Traps Didn't Work Testimonial From Mark

I had evidence of mice in my laundry room. I put out traps but that didn’t help. The mice have not shown up since Brandon came out. I was impressed with Brandon’s knowledge and helpfulness.

Rats on Roof Testimonial From Mike

First, the free inspection. Some companies offer this and some don’t. But this was no mere quick inspection. Brandon spent a full hour at our house, including talking at length with me about the potential problems, causes, and solutions. They didn’t have the correct ladder on that visit, so he offered to return again the next day for another free visit. I offered money for all this time, but he refused.

Rats in Crawlspace Testimonial From Mark

Rats in the crawlspace created a lot of anxiety and stress for me, with sleepless nights. I was extremely happy once I talked to Brandon from the beginning as he was very respectful and knowledgeable. This extends to all of the staff as they are all very understanding that these situations can cause a lot of stress. Asher came out with his team and did a great job on the crawlspace cleanup.

Rats in Walls Testimonial From Tiffany

Brandon is extremely knowledgeable. He came and killed over 20 rats. Him and his team were hard working and efficient. He made us new crawl space vents by hand. They did a complete crawl space restoration and clean up on a 102 degree day!! Truly amazing!

Rat Urine Smell in House Testimonial From Ana

I bought a new house and one of the main problems the inspector found was extensive rat activity in the crawlspace. My realtor recommended Brandon from personal experience with clearing up a rat infestation at her own house and he came to give an estimate, free of charge, before I’d even bought the house, and then went to bat for me to prove that this was a problem when the previous owner wanted to deny it. The entire crawlspace smelled of urine and the smell lingered in the corners of the house and walls too. There were droppings all over the crawlspace and the inspector even showed me little rat footprints in my garage on the main floor!
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