Gabe E.Gabe E.

Get Smart Rat Solutions is the definition of professional, thorough, passionate, and friendly. They explain the problems and make honest and informed...

Davina D.Davina D.

Asher came out to estimate and inspect the smelly crawlspace. He showed us many photos showing how bad the problem was, and skillfully explained the company...

Jarod KerrJarod Kerr

I have worked with other pest control companies before and the only one I choose to come back to is Get Smart Rat Solutions. This company is straight forward, knowledgeable and not here to take your money. Get Smart wants to fix your problem more than you do in the most effective way I’ve ever seen. Super nice people and always looking for any kind of way to help you.

Cassie LeCassie Le

Amazing company! Down to earth owner who doesn’t take advantage of customers! when I called them with an issue, they came out within a day for a free estimate. They began their treatments immediately. They’re very responsible and respectful. When they needed to go into the crawl space under my house, I asked them to close the door behind them so nothing came into my house and they were happy to. No crazy look or judge eyes.

Today the owner came out to my house to make sure everything was going as planned, and could have charged me with a $4,000 service, but instead suggested something else for only $700! He totally could have taken advantage of a complete unknowing mom who wants the issue taken care of, but he didn’t.

They do completely free estimates! Gosh this sounds sponsored or paid, I swear it’s not. Just suggesting a company that a fellow stay at home mom is comfortable with and recommends!

Cindy HuertaCindy Huerta

From my experience of get smart rat solutions are all 5 stars because they have done a more than amazing great job... I recently had service with The Killers ! In which I am super disappointed of hiring them ... it was a Friday and my house begin with this horrible smell I contacted the killers and had some one sent to my home that same day to do their job, to try and find a dead rat under my house insulation! Well the guy said he did not find nothing at all I asked him to have some one call me because I needed help because I knew the weekend was coming and they were not going to make an effort to come help me! Well I called Saturday morning to the get smart rat solutions and loved the fact that the owner called me 30 min later and gave me the best advice ever so then I did what he asked and waited until Monday! Monday I got the call from killers saying we won’t have an appointment until Tuesday and the smell all 3 days wasn’t getting any better it was worse! So get smart rat solutions came to the rescue and did their job took out the dead rat within 15 min my house was smelling better! Great job thank you so much for your help !!!!!

Douglas EliasonDouglas Eliason

Extremely knowledgeable. I have had a lot of companies at my residence through the years and a lot of disappointments. The Clarks have exceeded my expectations and did what they said they would do. Restores my faith in a quality American company with integrity. I was panicking about a smell I had coming in from the vent into my daughter's room. No other company would touch it. Brandon and the boys identified the problem, got rid of the problem and the smell. Thank you

Susie CasterSusie Caster

Brandon helped me when the pest control company I have been paying for years ignored my pleas for help with our rat problem. For months I kept saying “I think we have rats” and was continually told, no it’s a rabbit or mice. Finally one died in the dryer vent stinking up our house, when my ex- pest control agent wouldn’t come retrieve it I found Get Smart Rat Solutions through Angies List and Brandon arrived the same afternoon I called ready to assess our problem and find the rat. The next day they showed up again to remove the rat by taking the vent duct apart, clean it out entirely, patch the access hole, set out bait stations and educate me on telltale signs of rat infestation and taking pictures under the house to show me the extent of the problem. I really appreciate being told details including extent of problem and how they will go forward with a solution. Brandon and his employees are passionate about their work with rats because they look at it intellectually as a problem solving situation.
I highly recommend Get Smart Rat Solutions, if you think or know you have a rat problem.

Cassie LeCassie Le

Great company! They don’t take advantage of customers and are respectful, polite and accommodating! The owner came today for our monthly visit and could have charged me for a service I didn’t really need, but didn’t! Not many times do you hear of people not charging when they get the chance. It’s very obvious that he cares about the customers first and money second. The video he posted in June is very true to how he and his employees run their business. I HIGHLY recommend this company for your pest needs.

Trina D'AmicoTrina D'Amico

Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and prompt service by the entire team. Despite an unpleasant problem of raccoons, mice, and ants all taking up residency on our property, Get Smart Rat Solutions has environmentally sound answers to each critter problem. Grateful to have this local resource so readily available.

Sue BialostoskySue Bialostosky

Am very impressed with this company. Not often do you run into a company that is this professional, honest, offers fair prices, and guarantees their work. Had a problem with raccoons under my house, they were able to handle it in a way that I was very happy with, no complaints about having to crawl under the house, arrived on time (even planned to show up during a hail storm until I called them and suggested we reschedule!) Also they are very knowledgeable about the animals they deal with and besides that, they are a family owned, local company.

Luana Trende NeryLuana Trende Nery

This company is great! Very knowledgeable, explain things simply, clean and organized and get to work quickly so I can get on with my day. Oh, and very fair pricing, too !! I highly recommend them.

Gabriel ElliottGabriel Elliott

Get Smart Rat Solutions is the definition of professional, thorough, passionate, and friendly. They explain the problems and make honest and informed recommendations. I very much appreciate the excellent customer service and quick response time.

Robbie Stalford Jr.Robbie Stalford Jr.

Medium pricing but by far the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever spoke to about rats. There’s no holes in his process!

Carleigh Brunot-WalshCarleigh Brunot-Walsh

Very knowledgeable and experienced at ridding your home or business of pests and in my case rats!! Trust worthy and easy to work with. Highly recommend. Let Get Smart Rat Solutions help you!! Affordable service also.

Judi Miles HickmanJudi Miles Hickman

Brandon has serviced both our homes in Camas and Wilsonville. He is super knowledgeable and dependable. His prices are fair and very competitive. He isn’t afraid to go underneath houses into the creepy crawl spaces to check out what goes on in those dark areas! If you are in need a pest control be sure and give Brandon a call!

Sean CrissSean Criss

Get Smart is my 100% choice for any and all pest control needs. Honesty and integrity was the sense I have gotten from all of my experiences with them thus far. I highly recommend them, best in the NW.

Tasha DonaldTasha Donald

Brandon and Asher are very knowledgeable and helped our business with our ant problem! They are very thorough and do an amazing job!

Robyn Rhodes KaneRobyn Rhodes Kane

Honest, fair, great integrity! Love these guys! I highly recommend!!!

Sarah BelvinSarah Belvin

We just bought an older house in Washougal Washington and it was brought to our attention that there was evidence of possible rodent tracks and feces. Not knowing anything about this and being pretty grosed out we decided to bring in an expert. We called Get Smart Rat Solutions and within a day Brandon was at our house setting traps and handling the situation. We also had quite the ant problem and after he sprayed just once, we have yet to see any ants! I am so impressed by the efficiency and quality of Get Smart Rat Solutions. Brandon was also incredibly knowledgable and kind and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend using Get Smart Rat Solutions for any of your pest control needs!

Mary MaddoxMary Maddox

I would recommend Brandon and his son ,not only because they’re reputable people but also because they have the knowledge to back up they’re work!

Brandon Clark was hired to eliminate rat problems at our Portland home and our home at the beach. He is extremely knowledgeable in rat behavior and the science behind eliminating rats from living spaces. He began by explaining how he was going to train the rats away from my house over the course of a year. He then eliminated the rats in the crawl space and secured the entry points. Brandon and his son Asher removed all the rat-soiled insulation from the crawl space and acid washed the wood to remove the scent so the rats don’t return. We have not had any return of the rats to our crawl space in the past year. We have had problems with rats at this house for 30 years! Their crawl space work was impressive and the entire area was left very clean. Brandon and Asher are great people to work with. They are friendly and approachable and do what they say they will do. Prices are reasonable too.

At the beach house, they did the same plan for rat mitigation, but noticed severe carpenter ant damage in the house foundation. Brandon and Asher brought this to our immediate attention and developed a plan to eliminate the rats and carpenter ants, reroute and eliminate standing water under the house and replace the rotten posts and beams. This was a difficult task as many cubic yards of dirt and debris had to be removed from under the house and you cannot stand up in the area. Their prices for the work were extremely reasonable and the crawl space looks amazing! The rats and ants are gone too.

Peggy and Duffy Boyles

When we realized that rats were dying under our house, we knew we needed help. We called on Brandon at Get Smart Rat Solutions. He looked around our crawl space and reported that many rats had been making their home there. Brandon brought his team and did a thorough job of cleaning out our crawl space and disinfecting and spraying the whole area. They sealed off all existing access points to keep the rats out.

We were very pleased with Brandon’s prompt response and businesslike approach. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in pest control. We are pleased to recommend Brandon and his team.

Sharon & Al

I’ve been working with Brandon for several years and I’m so pleased with his work. I was having an epic rat infestation in both my yard and basement /crawlspace. I had tried other pest control companies and also had exhausted all of my DIY tricks. It was very traumatizing!

I contacted Brandon on a friends referral. He and Asher came out and did a comprehensive clean up of my basement, including removing years of hormones that attracted other rats. They also put wire all around my house ensuring rats could not get in. This has truly been life-changing. I live in North Portland and feel confident that I am receiving the best service possible. Brandon really knows his business and clearly is taking the extra measure to research and understand the habits of rats (and humans) that can influence rat Populations. Lastly, I really like him and Asher, as people . Super friendly, easy to talk to, and very accommodating.

Ray Ray

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