Rats in Walls Testimonial From Tiffany


Tiffany W.

What was the problem you were having before discovering our service?:

Rat infestation in our crawl space
What were some of the frustrations you were having with this problem?:
We could hear them in our walls and under house house
What made Get Smart Rat Solutions stand out from other options?
Recommendation from my sister that Brandon the owner is extremely knowledgeable
What results did you see from our service?:
We no longer hear rats all night, because they are all dead.
Tell us what life is like now that you’ve used our service.
Restful night. My husband is back in our bedroom. He started sleeping on the couch because he couldn’t sleep with the rats making so much noise in the walls of our room.
Anything additional you want to add?
Brandon is extremely knowledgeable. He came and killed over 20 rats. Him and his team were hard working and efficient. He made us new crawl space vents by hand. They did a complete crawl space restoration and clean up on a 102 degree day!! Truly amazing!

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