Rats on Roof Testimonial From mike


Mike H.

What was the problem you were having before discovering our service?:

We thought we had rats in our roof.
What were some of the frustrations you were having with this problem?:
Anxiety!! Nobody I know wants rats in their house, and we couldn’t pinpoint the problem due to intermittent, inconsistent noise patterns and other reasons the situation was not clear.
What made Get Smart Rat Solutions stand out from other options?
First, the free inspection. Some companies offer this and some don’t. But this was no mere quick inspection. Brandon spent a full hour at our house, including talking at length with me about the potential problems, causes, and solutions. They didn’t have the correct ladder on that visit, so he offered to return again the next day for another free visit. I offered money for all this time, but he refused.

Second, Brandon and his family KNOW THEIR STUFF. Like really know their stuff. Again, there are plenty of options in town for this kind of problem, but none of the more corporate technicians that came out demonstrated the care for detail and for us or the expertise.

What results did you see from our service?:
Great service and hopefully problem solved, but we will not hesitate to call again if the need arises.
Tell us what life is like now that you’ve used our service.
Anything additional you want to add?
Highest possible recommendation.

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