Rats in Crawlspace Testimonial From Mark


Mark C.

What was the problem you were having before discovering our service?:

The problem we were having were rats in our crawlspace.
What were some of the frustrations you were having with this problem?:
The service I had when the issue was first found was limited and not able to provide a more complete solution to my problem.
The service tried to do what they could but I knew I had to look for a more complete service to handle this so I did some searching.
What made Get Smart Rat Solutions stand out from other options?
I contacted Get Smart Rat Solutions because it looked like they could provide a more complete service that I felt I would need. I didn’t want to have to get partial solution from multiple companies. This included inspecting the extent of the problem throughout the crawlspace and providing possible solutions. Additionally the video that I saw with Brandon seemed very genuine and professional. I wanted someone who would think through the problem.
What results did you see from our service?:
The crawlspace looks great after the cleanup and so far there have only been a couple of stragglers that Asher/Brandon are dealing with. Brandon came out again and helped identify some trouble spots in the yard that need attention and a drainage spot in the crawlspace. I am thankful with the attention to detail.
Tell us what life is like now that you’ve used our service.
Simply, I can sleep again. Brandon, Asher and the team take this seriously and come out when I call them.
Anything additional you want to add?
Rats in the crawlspace created a lot of anxiety and stress for me, with sleepless nights. I was extremely happy once I talked to Brandon from the beginning as he was very respectful and knowledgeable. This extends to all of the staff as they are all very understanding that these situations can cause a lot of stress. Asher came out with his team and did a great job on the crawlspace cleanup. Brandon came out afterwards and did a detailed follow-up inspection to handle any potential other trouble spots. Overall I am very happy I called them !

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