Rat Urine Smell in House Testimonial From Ana


Ana B.

What was the problem you were having before discovering our service?:

I bought a new house and one of the main problems the inspector found was extensive rat activity in the crawlspace. My realtor recommended Brandon from personal experience with clearing up a rat infestation at her own house and he came to give an estimate, free of charge, before I’d even bought the house, and then went to bat for me to prove that this was a problem when the previous owner wanted to deny it.

The entire crawlspace smelled of urine and the smell lingered in the corners of the house and walls too. There were droppings all over the crawlspace and the inspector even showed me little rat footprints in my garage on the main floor!

What were some of the frustrations you were having with this problem?:
I didn’t want a house that smelled of rat urine… and didn’t know what kind of damage they could be doing structurally to my foundation or walls.
What made Get Smart Rat Solutions stand out from other options?
Brandon came highly recommended from a woman I trust who literally spends her life in the housing world and has contacts she trusts in every corner. She had utilized Brandon’s services herself and said she’d spent years trying to clear up rats in her kitchen, using multiple other pest services– once she found Get Smart, he took care of it, and she doesn’t even have to pay for maintenance any more.

Brandon was confident he could take care of the problem at my house with an intensive crawlspace restoration, and he laid out all the evidence- despite the cost up front- the early action taken with his lifetime guarantee will save me an unending amount of maintenance fees for baiting and trapping.

What results did you see from our service?:
No pee smell!
a clean crawl space!
a guarantee that I have rat free space with his help if needed in the future!
Tell us what life is like now that you’ve used our service.
rat-free 🙂

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