How This Mom Manages A Business And A Household Of Thirteen

Amber will be the first to tell you that managing a business is not easy, especially when you are managing a household of thirteen but that hasn’t stopped her from trying and as a family-run business her husband and sons fully agree that they couldn’t do it without her.

Learning To Be Flexible

One would think that the only way to efficiently run a business on top of a large household would be to ensure that you have dialed in a routine but experience has proven to Amber that the greatest asset is learning to be flexible. What one day may look like is not necessarily what every other day can be expected to look like which means that balancing her day comes with being willing to redirect her steps when needed. It also means that she has had to learn to do the little things along the way. Things like laundry, dishes, taking kids to school, shopping for food and putting meals on the table are all done throughout the day where pockets of time allow. Maximizing every amount of time is essential to the productivity of her day. Operating according to a flexible routine means being ready to ride an ever shifting learning curve which requires a mindset that is willing to switch gears at a moment’s notice while still taking care of the everyday responsibilities.

Never Leave Without Her Phone

Amber knows that she can’t go anywhere without her phone. Not only is it essential for the business when it comes to receiving client phone calls but also to the daily running of the business and her family. On a typical day just one of her sons will call her about twenty five times to verify appointments, collect customer information and determine each job’s expectations. Amber’s readiness to be on top of all incoming phone calls is essential for her husband and two sons to fulfill their daily work with efficiency. All communication is received and outputted through Amber making it to where she can never leave without a phone. Even outside of the business it’s necessary to always have her phone on her as all of her younger children will need to reach her throughout the day. This is one aspect of her job where she has had to learn to accept the necessity of always being available but as a mom of six the demand for her attention is not a foreign concept.

Taking Time For Family

Running a business is constant. Even at the end of a work day there is still communication that is needed to wrap up any loose ends or prepare for the days ahead. Whether it’s at dinner, over the weekend or even on vacation the conversation that revolves around the business never ends. This is one reason why it has become imperative to make time for family. For both Amber and her husband Brandon, family is their number one priority and they want to ensure that everyone feels this way which is why they have incorporated many ideas over the last handful of years in order to achieve this. Currently the focus is gathering together as a family once a week with the idea of just being present with one another. It can be spent playing games, watching a movie or going out for a nice meal but whatever they are doing they are intentional about making this time purposeful.

Everyday presents a new schedule for the business and for each family member. Children are back in school full time, the business itself runs six days out of the week and their youngest participates in flag football. As one can imagine, delegating the schedules alone can be full-time work let alone everything else that comes with the day. Each member of the household is responsible for managing individual tasks so that the home can run smoothly but as mom of the house it is still necessary for Amber to delegate and keep everyone on track. Her children call her superwoman and we agree that this nickname is fitting.

The First To Make An Impression

When the day starts for Get Smart Rat Solutions Amber is the first voice that customers will hear making her the first to make an impression. It is crucial for Brandon and Amber to establish themselves as a business of integrity so these first impressions are highly regarded. How customers view the company will first be established through their phone call with Amber; placing her in a position of great significance when integrity is their goal. Luckily, being personable is not a challenge for Amber. She happens to be a natural in customer relations and building customer rapport. Brandon is often heard esteeming Amber by sharing testimonies of customers raving of their interactions with her. Amber, of course, makes it a point to always have a listening ear when it comes to the customers’ concerns and overall conversation as she enjoys this part of her job just as much as others.

Building a business is hard work. It’s constant and requires every part of your being in order to produce a quality company. Their vision at Get Smart Rat Solutions is to provide a personal touch and execute everything they do with excellence. Integrity is always the standard they hold themselves to and they take pride in years of experience and the knowledge they have acquired through them. In honor of Amber for Mothers Day we all just want to say ‘Thank You’ for all that you do. Asher and Noah shared that their lives only work because of what you do for them and they are amazed at your ability to do ALL that you do. #wonderwoman Get Smart Rat Solutions is what it is today because of what you contribute and your family is very thankful that they have you.

Happy Mothers Day!

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