How Rodents and Wildlife Get Into Your Home

Lets face it, rodents and wildlife are part of nature. We live in a world surrounded by the great outdoors. Even in the big cities you’ll find these creatures. As we have grown and populated the earth we have taken away space from natures natural inhabitants, so it’s no wonder they have adapted and are now coming into our own personal spaces. Whether you live on a busy city street, the middle of the suburbs or out in the middle of nowhere you’re sure to come across mice, rats and wildlife in your area.

Ways Rats, Mice and Wildlife Can Get Into Your Home

Rodents and wildlife can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. Evan a large rat can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter. When you think about the external perimeter of your home, you have to think about every little possible entry way that one of these pests could squeeze through. Vents, eave gaps, pipe entry holes, roof joints and loose siding are just some of the ways rodents and wildlife get into your home. If a space is too small, they can chew their way in, which is often times what they do. Even protective wire and mesh can be chewed through if they are determined. Gaps, nooks, crannies and crevices can be found all around a homes exterior so it’s no surprise that these guys can find a way in. Once inside, they can scurry up walls to higher ground like attics and storage spaces. If they come in through the roof they may be accessing your home via tall trees or bushes. It is recommended that these be cut back or planted at least 6 feet or more from a home as rodents and wildlife can jump. When assessing a home most people overlook the possible entry points because they don’t seem big enough or they are not easily seen, which is why a thorough inspection is needed to see how rodents and wildlife are getting into your home.


Mounted camera catching squirrel entry to home

What Attracts Rodents and Wildlife

Rodents and wildlife are always on the search for food and shelter. Certain environments and layouts of properties can make it more appealing to these creatures, but often times what we see is that they have found a consistent food source and a reliable place for shelter. Left out foods, unsecured food storage or trash bins and even pet food are common food sources for these critters. Other things to think about are bird and squirrel feeders as well as lush gardens that are producing lots of fruits and vegetables. These ripened food sources are highly attractive to rodents and wildlife. Most of these pests like to go unseen or at least don’t want to be bothered by humans, so outside conditions where they can find places to hide are appealing. Overgrown lawns or clutter around the outside of the home make for great hiding spaces and even nesting grounds. It’s also common that if a home was previously infested with any of these pests, the smell of past inhabitants can be what attracts rodents and wildlife. Learn more about what attracts mice into your home

Tips To Keep Rodents and Wildlife Out Of Your Home

As mentioned before, rodents and wildlife are always on the hunt for food and shelter. They can find ways into your home,attics and barns through very small entry points which means that these will be the first things to tackle when looking to keep rodents and wildlife out of your home.

  • Seal all holes throughout your homes exterior including roofing cavities and eaves
  • Cover vents, air bricks and drains with strong metal grates
  • Seal any holes around pipe work with wire wool or professional sealant
  • Keep storage bins away from the exterior walls of your home
  • Fit bristle or brush strips to the bottoms of exterior doors
  • Secure all food storage in and outside of the home. This includes pet food
  • Secure compost bins tightly and keep food waste to a minimum
  • Get rid of bird and squirrel feeders
  • Cut back trees and bushes so they are at least six feet away from the home

Lastly, once all preventative measures have taken place you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning in and around your home. Scent trails attract rodents and wildlife but professional cleaning methods and supplies can do just the trick.

Learn How Your Bamboo is Opening Your Home to Rats and Mice in the Video Below

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