One of our customers shares why she uses and recommends Get Smart Rat Solutions to handle her issue with rats and rodents.

Brandon of Get Smart Solutions has been helping me to rid my home of mice for several years now. I have tried others in the past, but only Brandon has been willing to crawl under the house, in the attic, and other dark places to help ensure that all the nests were removed, and then to make sure dead bodies were being removed whenever I asked. I had paid a large sum to others to keep mice out and then they would be back to scurrying in the walls. Brandon is my Hero! I also have used his services to keep the box-elder beetles out of my home (they too had multiplied indoors when we first moved into our home). The wasps are no longer nesting under my roof and the spiders are not as invasive as they were in the past. We are grateful to Brandon! When I need him to come, he comes! And he keeps my mind at ease for the safety of my dogs and the hummingbirds that I feed.

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