Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Your crawl space is out of sight, out of mind so it’s not an area of the house you think too much about. Because it’s often overlooked, crawl spaces can build up excess moisture which affects the quality of air within your home. The growth of mold and mildew can become a costly problem and affect the health of your loved ones. Mold spores and dust mite droppings are the two largest indoor allergens and 40 percent of the air we breathe on the first floor of our homes, comes from the crawl space or basement. Structural damage to your home’s wood framing and decomposition of insulation can also be a result of too much moisture in your crawl space.

A crawl space vapor barrier can stop hundreds of gallons of ground water per year from finding its way into your home and damaging it. Vapor barriers block moisture by preventing the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air, keeping it dry and reducing heat loss. When coupled with a waterproofing system, moisture and water can be expelled from the crawl space before it can cause problems. No more rot, rust, mold, odors, insects or other moisture-related problems. Your home in turn also becomes more energy efficient leaving you with a lower energy bill as a result.



Some signs of excessive crawl space moisture may include (but are not limited to), standing water or mud on dirt floor after a heavy rain, efflorescence on crawl space walls, rot and rust in crawl space, unpleasant musty odors, respiratory discomfort, headaches, and illnesses such as allergies and asthma, insect and other pest infestations, mold and mildew on walls and floors of first-floor closets and peeling paint on your homes exterior. If you are concerned that your crawl space needs maintenance or are having problems that may be crawl space related we, at Get Smart Rat Solutions, can help.

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Did You Know?

Up to 40 percent of the air we breathe on the first floor of our homes can come from the crawl space or basement! A vapor barrier slows or prevents the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air.

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