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Crawl Space Repair

If you notice your crawl space has mold, mildew, leaks, pests or just a generally unpleasant odor or that the floors over your crawl space are cold or sagging, your crawl space may need to be repaired. Encapsulation, or sealing of your crawl space, is a special treatment recommended to improve comfort, cut heating and cooling costs and eliminate problems with moisture, mold and pests. A properly completed encapsulation will improve your home’s appearance, function, longevity and overall value.

Every crawl space is different. The floor can be dirt, gravel or concrete. It can be level or uneven, wet or dry. Many vented crawl spaces have been damaged by moisture, mold or wood rot. Wet, sagging or fallen fiberglass insulation is another common issue. When this happens, cold air in the crawl space can make the floors above uncomfortable. Additionally, issues such as sagging floors or pests will need to be addressed.

The structure of your home rests upon your crawl space, making your crawl space the foundation of your home. While sealing the crawl space and dehumidifying the area can stop damage to your wood, any previous damage is irreversible. Some wood may need replacement, while other wood may be reinforced with a sister beam. Our team at Get Smart Rat Solutions will determine all damage within your crawl space foundation and repair the structural integrity of your crawl space.

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