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Crawl Space Services

It’s common for many homeowners to ignore their homes crawl space since it is out of sight and mind. But excess moisture, caused by cracks, can lead to bigger problems like attracting insects and rodents leading to unwanted guests and possible infestations. Water can also build up leaving you with standing water. This can result in damp environments that produce mold and mildew, resulting in structural damage and harmful airborne mold spores that can spread rapidly. We at Get Smart Rat Solutions make it our goal to transform your crawl space back to ‘new,’ making it once again a clean and dry foundational part of your home so you no longer have to worry about it being a liability.

Crawl Space Cleanup

Many homes have crawl space areas that are drastically diminishing their efficiency and air quality and even allowing dangerous toxins and germs into their homes through soiled and contaminated insulation. Over forty percent of the air you breathe at home comes from your attic and crawl space, making this a vital part of your home to maintenance. Our crawl space cleaning team will eradicate any problems; removing dirty insulation, fungi, animal contamination, rotten wood, debris, and anything else that could degrade the efficiency or air quality of your home.

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Crawl Space Repair

The structure of your home rests upon your crawl space, making your crawl space the foundation of your home. If the crawl space is rotting, sagging, or filled with allergenic elements it will profoundly affect the entirety of your home. Crawl spaces can begin to sag and weaken for numerous reasons; including sinking support posts, rot-weakened support beams and poorly designed support systems. A sinking crawl space means a sagging uneven floor from above. Over time doors may begin to stick or jam, the floor begins to feel “springy” underfoot and cracks will form in the drywall. While sealing the crawl space and dehumidifying the area can stop damage to your wood, any previous damage is irreversible. Some wood may need replacement, while other wood may be reinforced with a sister beam. Our team at Get Smart Rat Solutions will determine all damage within your crawl space foundation and repair the structural integrity of your crawl space.

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Crawl Space Rodent Exclusion

When completing rodent exclusion our installers painstakingly look for and fill any access points that rodents are using to gain entrance to your crawl space. Quite often we have to replace damaged vent screens that our installers will fix or provide new from the inside as well. Rodents can be very persistent about returning to their home, so we make it a priority to take all measures needed in preventing future access. Our goal at Get Smart Rat Solutions is to ensure rodents or any other unwanted guests can no longer enter your property by completely sealing off your crawl space so that you can rest peacefully knowing your home is secured.

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

A correctly installed vapor barrier is one of the most important aspects of your home, especially living up here in the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of moisture. Vapor barriers prevent excess moisture and condensation, as well as dangerous off-gassing from accumulating in crawl spaces. Moisture and damp air create a perfect environment for mold, mildew, and wood rot. By removing the moisture, you can keep your foundation, support beams, and home air quality safe. Our team at Get Smart Rat Solutions will remove and replace all vapor barriers to keep moisture and humidity from damaging your home.

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Crawl Space Insulation Removal & Installation

Because so much of your home air is drawn up from the crawl space, especially through your vents, it is important that air flow is minimized so that you keep from wasting energy by unintentionally heating your crawl space or attic. We at Get Smart Rat Solutions will properly remove and install all insulation ensuring that it is vented properly so that your energy bill goes down and your home comfort goes up.

Did You Know?

25%-50% of your homes indoor air comes from your basement or crawl space.

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