Christmas Activities Around Vancouver In 2020

This year hasn’t been without its share of stresses so now that Christmas is almost here we all want to relax and just take in the festivities, even if they are limited. It may take a little planning and willingness to do something different but there are still Christmas activities around Vancouver this 2020 that can be enjoyed.

  • Santa At Vancouver Mall
  • Drive Up Cinnamon Bear Production
  • Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit
  • OH, All The Lights!

Santa At Vancouver Mall

The Vancouver Mall is keeping the spirit of Christmas alive with in person pictures with Santa. It will certainly look different than any previous year you may have visited but there’s something to say about in person events still being held during this holiday season or at least we like to think so. As with everything, Covid restrictions are put into place when you go to visit but the awe and luster will still fill your children’s heart as they step into this magical space where Santa awaits. The theme of this year is a traditional classic that even leaves the older generations feeling nostalgic. ‘The Christmas Story’. The walk thru set offers the best of this Christmas classic with selfie museums and augmented reality interactive experiences which is located on the lower floor of the mall until December 24th. You can schedule an appointment online where children can enjoy everything this event has to offer, including a picture with Santa at a safe distance. Before you leave, you will not want to forget letting the kiddos slip their lists into Santa’s very own mailbox. His elves are eagerly awaiting!

Drive In Cinnamon Bear Production

Now this event is new to us but it’s been a Christmas tradition for many viewers for over 80 years! Located at Oaks Park, this drive in event allows you to park your vehicle and watch a 90 minute live musical all while you stay warm in your car. Multiple characters sing and dance and put on quite the show that your little ones are sure to enjoy and all you have to do is stream it through your FM radio. Offered Thursdays through Sundays during two different time slots until December 27th, it’s a hit the whole family can enjoy. Price is 49$ per vehicle and tickets must be purchased online at where you can also find out other details concerning the show.

Home Depot Kids Workshop Kit

This is less of an event and more of an activity that everyone can work on together at home. For many years Home Depot has offered DIY workshops where both kids and adults can come in to learn different skills. Of course, a fan favorite is the kids workshop but with the current pandemic Home Depot has had to make this in person activity something that kids can take home. Don’t worry though! These kits are meant to be easy and enjoyable for both parents and their kiddos. An added plus is that you can order them online for 10$ or less or, if it’s convenient for you, they can be picked up in the store. Just make sure they are not sold out as these activities can go fast! Many kits are geared towards the month, making kits in December based around holiday novelties that your kids will certainly enjoy building.

OH, All The Lights!

For many families, driving around local neighborhoods looking for festively decorated homes is a Christmas tradition. Not everyone can be like the Griswalds but some certainly try and there’s always those that give the Griswald family a run for their money. You have to agree that there is something magical about seeing houses brightly lit with thousands of lights and when some sync their lights to stations on the FM radio, it makes it even better! 2020 may have put a damper on Christmas events in general but neighborhoods seemed to have stepped it up in contrast to what this year has offered. Visit the page to find all the residences listed that are making this holiday season one we will still remember.

However you decide to enjoy this holiday season, there are still Christmas activities around Vancouver that can still be enjoyed by all. Afterall, the end of the year is approaching and that’s reason enough to celebrate!

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