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Bats are commonly misunderstood which is why many people have developed a fear towards them. As nocturnal creatures, they are often not seen until the dusk hours when they leave their roost in search of food. One of the benefits of bats is that they are great at keeping the insect population in check as they will eat 600-1000 insects within just an hour. They are considered non threatening and will leave people alone aside from taking residence in peoples homes and barns. This is where you will likely encounter a problem as bats are known for carrying disease; the most common being rabies and a fungus called Histoplasmosis. This fungus most commonly grows on bird and bat droppings and is a serious health threat to humans.

Signs of Bats

Common signs that you have bats in your home or barn are bat dropping and grease markings where they may be entering. A strong pungent odor is likely to be noticed if bats are close by. Dead bats lying around your structure or pets bringing dead bats home can be a sign that they are residing within your residence. Noises, especially during the evening hours, noticed within your home or barn space are a common indicator as well as seeing bats flying to and from your property. Bats can squeeze into the smallest of spaces and will reside anywhere they can find a place to hang. Screens used to prevent others animals from coming into your home can actually be something bats use to hang themselves on. Knowing your home and property will help you as you look to identify if bats are roosting nearby.

Concerns for Bats

Outside of property damage caused by bat colonies, the greatest concerns for these creatures are the diseases they can spread. Rabies is a viral disease that is transmitted through the saliva of a rabid animal, generally through a bite wound. If a human or animal is bitten by a bat with rabies they will need to seek out medical attention quickly as rabies can be fatal. Histoplasmosis is the other disease bats can spread through their waste products. When bat droppings are disturbed through clean up or demolition projects, the spore of this fungus is released causing a serious threat to anyone breathing it in. This is why if you suspect bats on your property you should call Get Smart Rat Solutions right away. Trained professionals can humanely and safely relocate a bat problem without putting you at risk.

Humane Bat Removal

If bats have made their way in your home or business, we will help you humanely evict them! We help to ensure the baat exits and cannot get back in by blocking all entry points. ​​We also offer damage repair from any wildlife and preventative services. We have crafted our SMART system through study and experience so that wildlife removal is handled properly and humanely; protecting people, property and wildlife.

Did You Know?

Vampire bats have to drink as much as their own weight in blood every day and can’t go more than two days without food. When it is struggling to find enough, it will go back to the roost and share regurgitated blood from other Vampire Bats.

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