Attic Restoration & Cleaning

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Attic Restoration

Attics are usually the least visited area in a home and often go unchecked for long periods of time. Neglected attics can create some major issues that you don’t want. When attics are not properly cleaned, sealed, and insulated, they produce unpleasant aromas, invite pests, and put a strain on your utility expenses. As a licensed contractor, Get Smart Solutions offers attic cleaning, attic insulation, and attic pest control services to restore the state of your attic to one that is clean, safe, and energy efficient.

Attic Rodent and Pest Removal & Exclusion

Pests build homes in attics that are unkempt and unfrequented. The attic provides them with easy access to food and moisture. Common pests like rats, mice, opossums and insects can damage your stored belongings and threaten the integrity of your home. Getting rid of rodents and wildlife quickly will reduce the risk of infestations and damage to your property. Our rodent and pest control S.M.A.R.T. process will help you exterminate all unwanted guests and remove all animal contamination from your attic.

Attic Rat Removal

A rat problem should be treated immediately to reduce the risk of fire caused by damage to cables and wiring as well as the spread of disease. Proofing your attic space is an effective way of preventing future visitors but an infestation must first be resolved. We at Get Smart Rat Solutions will remove your rat problem and protect you from rat problems in the future.

Attic Mice Removal

Mice need to be treated quickly to avoid an infestation from developing. Proactive methods like proofing your attic will help you defend against an overtaking of unwelcome guests but once noticed, however, an investigation of your attic is necessary to assess if mice are present. If mice are found in your attic space upon inspection, we at Get Smart Rat Solutions will exterminate and protect you from future invasions.

Attic Possum Removal

Possums can cause significant damage by gnawing on wood and electrical cables. It is essential to proof your home against possums to stop them from re-inhabiting. Our specialists at Get Smart Rat Solutions will help you to identify the points of entry, remove unwanted guests from your property and safe proof the area to prevent further intrusions.

Attic Insect Removal

An insect infestation is most likely to be caused by attraction to food, textiles or wood stored in your loft or attic space. They may be living off the droppings of other pests such as rats, mice or possums as well. Professional treatment is necessary to completely eradicate insect infestations so the life cycles are prevented from continuing in the future. At Get Smart Rat Solutions, we have extensive experience in eliminating insect infestations so you can be sure your home will be protected from future invasions.

Attic Cleaning and Repair

Attics can have numerous holes, cracks, and gaps in the walls and ceiling that allow dust and rain to fill the space. Left alone, these conditions produce mold colonies and invite pests. Attics are ideal environments for possums, rats, mice and insects that can damage storage or cause fires due to gnawed on cables. Water and moisture from rain can destroy your insulation, making it impossible for your home to be energy efficient. A thorough attic repair and cleaning by our licensed contractors will help to eliminate these problems and restore your attic.

Attic Insulation Removal and Installation

The attic is one of the most important parts of your home to be properly insulated. Without it, vast quantities of expensive energy are permitted to escape through your attic every day. Insulation that is dirty, wet, shredded, or thin is insufficient for properly insulating your attic. Our specialists will provides you with professional attic insulation removal and installation services to restore the air quality and energy efficiency of your attic.

Did You Know?

A giant wasp nest measuring 3.2 feet wide with a 4.5 foot long tunnel to the outside world was found in the attic of a home in London while doing renovations. The nest was said to have housed 6,000 to 10,000 wasps in its hay day.

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