Are Sewer Rats A Problem In Portland Oregon

Most people are aware that if you live in the city your odds of coming across a rat are high. City areas are infamous for rats dwelling in sewers, lurking around trash bins and scavenging for scraps in dark alleys. It’s not a pleasant thought which is why most people ignore the idea of sharing space with these rodents and we don’t blame them. Though this may be the unspoken reality, just how bad are sewer rats in Portland, Oregon?

Are Sewer Rats A Problem In Portland, Oregon

Some may say this is all a matter of perspective. What one can’t see will not be perceived as a problem but the reality is that there are more sewer rats underneath the streets of Portland, Oregon than can be counted and though they may not be seen as you are walking the streets they will certainly make themselves known at some point.

With the cumulative inches of rain that the Pacific Northwest gets each year sewer rats are bound to be driven out of the sewers eventually becoming overflowed with rainwater causing them to seek dryer ground. This means in years with heavy rain rats will look for a new place to dwell and that will most likely be somewhere closer to home. Whether this means they simply make themselves seen on the streets or find their way up a sewer pipe, a rat’s only aim in life is to find food and a place to shelter.

Can Sewer Rats Come Into My Home

Rats of any sort can certainly find their way inside your home. If they find it necessary they will seek any means in order to get inside. Climbing trees that overhang your roof where they can access attic spaces or digging their way in around the foundation of a home, up the walls and into your living spaces. Rats are determined pests so if they want a place to keep warm or fill their bellies they will find it.

Sewer rats in particular can find their way up into the city’s sewer pipes leading into homes. It’s actually been known for people to find rats in their toilets and though that may seem unlikely it can happen. However, by the time they are found they have usually drowned unable to tread water long enough to keep breathing. Either way, it’s not a pleasant thought to know they have this kind of access.

How Do I Prevent Sewer Rats From Entering My Home

When it comes to sewer rats the first thing that will need to have your attention is your drainage system or sewer pipes. If these rats are accessing your home directly from the sewers then this will be how they get inside. You may not be able to do anything about the city’s pipe system but you can certainly do some things on your own personal property. One of the most popular devices to keep rats from getting inside your home via a drainage system is installing non-return valves on your waste pipes also known as rat flaps or rat blockers. These products are made to prevent rats from getting in while still allowing your drainage system to properly function. They are also eco-friendly as they help reduce 50% of the water usage.

In general, surveying your property for signs of rats is a first step. Look for holes around the foundation of your home where they may be digging underneath. Check around large bushes and plants where they may be hiding or using for shelter. Trim back bushes from the sides of your home as a preventative measure as well as overhanging tree limbs. Rats are great climbers! Make sure your vents are secure with steel mesh and if needed call your local pest control professional as they have a special eye when it comes to signs of rats nearby.

When it comes to rodents prevention is key. Regular maintenance of your home is needed at least a couple times a year to prevent these pests from becoming a problem for you. This is why maintenance services are offered by pest control companies to reduce the homeowners risk of infestation. If you suspect that rats are a problem call a pest control specialist to help you determine the next steps.

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